Reply To: “Fearless” validated as important and valuable


I kinda of like this support group idea. Sure its good for some but not all. Just like AA, meetings and other groups. Sure I did AA back in the early 80’s. One has to remember one gets just as much out of a support group as they put into it. Its just like the theology. Mary Sue has some good idea’s and yea these groups are good for people all over the USA Even family members can’t at times fathom or understand what pressues this label has on the individual that goes thru this ordeal in this sex registry ordeal whether its a physical encounter or a conscience ordeal by those with their own truth.

Sure we all can and should show some compassion and even support others that are going thru all this but I’m, afraid this is getting to be a cold, cold, world today. The probation officers are only doing what they are told to do. One could say they are the ” show shine boys” of today. but that would be a bit degrading on their mentality. Sure one should show respect when respect is due but who is poaching people today?