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a man without a country

Just came across something interesting for my friends here who already reside overseas…

As for flying domestically in another country, has anyone tried checking in online, skipping the check-in line at the airport (where the passports are scanned), and going direct to the line before security?!

I’m a seasoned traveler and all this online check-in and boarding passes is still an unknown to me, but I’m just wondering if anyone has tried this.

I have been married 11 years and lived overseas 15 years. The “past” has never come up (until earlier this year when I was denied boarding another Asian carrier and thereby having to TRANSIT that carrier’s hub airport for two hours). But if it’s possible to print a boarding pass at home and not have baggage to check, then an embarrassing situation might be avoided. (?) Yeah, sounds even too optimistic to me… 🙁