Reply To: Sex offenders need not apply



Wow I wish I could say I cringe at being fearless but I do cringe and have my good and bad but I don’t fear man. Even the best of the best have to do a background check or do we all go on good faith or our own faith or are we back in discrimination laws with the sex offender stigma.
Standing up is what its all about. Some should be lucky they have a job and than some do also get fired or terminated, dismissed, suspended or what have you. I wonder if anybody did a background hceck on anybody’s conscious before they set them up or before they played around with little girl or whatever.
Sure we all could go that route. Sure Maestro called me down for saying we are all sinners. Well excuse me, someone even said that before I even said that. Should we call employers or potential employers jerks because they want to know something about who they hire?

Sounds a bit one sided but some of this sex offender stuff is one sided in favor for the Authorities and in favor for the female if there is an type of victim. I wonder who gets the short end of the stick thru. The one looking for the job or the one telling the truth about their certain sex regristry offense. Now if employers is sensire enough and he seems you are tooo than your hired. So its better to tell the truth in the long run.