Reply To: Removal of Persky will make things worse, not better


Seems everybody wants to put the blame on someone else today. I wonder were this sex registry issue came from or this woman’s lib movement. We all could go way back when but we don’t want to do that. Maybe we could start with Helen Gurly Brown and move our way forward. Now a lot of women are going to be upset with this comment but so be it truth is truth in a lot of this registry ordeal.
Sure one can understand the outcry of those women libers Should we understand the outcry of the blacks or any other group coming to America. This was a frat party but the principals are there for anyone to absorb and understand in this (politically correct) America today? I’m sure we all have questions on that one also. Now there are those wanting to oust this judge, but can one really understand principals or true justice or true human rights, wisdom or true color. Now when someone is getting overboard drunk and passing out something is wrong in one’s behavior or even the host for letting her even get that drunk to walk home.
She was not in control of herself. Even that person should of had some scruples for herself for getting so drunk in a “public” setting of passing out. Now this Judge was fair, some might not agree with the sentence practice but we have both parties that were not responsible for his or her actions. I can’t even make a judgement of who’s hormones were raging during the encounter. Sure we want to enforce our laws but laws do have morals, principals that governments tend to overlook with their human authority at times.
It seems now women want to get this perticular Judge off the bench. Did the victim overstep her boundries or did turner overstep his? Where were all of those in personal moments during this emotional encounter, were they principally based or based on others encounter to this event that was going on. Should we say he shouldn’t of gotten drunk or he shouldn’t of had raging hormones and just should of went and read a playboy magazine. I think someone said it takes two to tango. I wonder if that was at a frat party.