Reply To: Helping Florida’s sex offenders: “Somebody has to do it.”


I am a registered sex offender.i got out many years ago. And since, I have built a life a good business, and have proven myself a valuable member of society.

I have done work for many affluent people to include cops, prison guards, lawyers,etc.

Recently, I did a search on the internet about any story that was positive about a sex offender. ( I mean like, a sex offender that did something good, or Mabey turned his life around etc.

And you know what? Nada! Nothing! There are many stories about the bad sex offenders or kill the sex offenders etc. but not one that is positive.

Imagine living a someone that society sees as trash.

Well, I do it everyday. I am a good person and try to do good things for my friends, family and community.

Wouldn’t it be nice just to hear someone say just once ( you’re doing a good job…)