Reply To: Sexual offense truths needed in the media



Mike, governments don’t even have the understanding to discern justice today. I sort of hate to say that but as I said they do the best they can. A plea deal is a watered down version of tricking or manuliplating the true justice for their purposes to speed up court rooms.

Sure government can pursaude or con people into plea deals and than if you rebuke them, they say well it was your choice. I was under the impression that choice and making a decision are to different factors but when government flavors the issue to the individual that would be a manulipative principal would it not? Sure Government can do anything they really want but it is really true justice that our four fathers fought for? In this game of the sex offender it is all the more important to get the message out in public notices. Just image the first time anyone got a DUI and that was the end of your driving for the rest of your life I’m sure a lot can see the point and the principal behind that.

Now were are not talkng about a little drunk driving charge, or a little pot charge, or night burgulary and I used those for example. We are talking about a sex offense that holds one for life and with a lable or confinement. So all this should be understood. When I took my plea deal all I could do in my paranoid state was agree with those facts and say guilty but they knew what they were doing all along they were not really letting justice take its course so they hit you with a plea deal today in so many of these types of offenses. Its the fast food resturant of justice today.

Sure its time now for Narsol to get the word out and yes they have been getting the word out, and Michael you hit up some of the big boys such as the Washington Post and strives to get articles to them. Let the public know how these people, and even their own kids at home could be sucked in on these adult media sites about these hooker type games.

Sure New York times is good even city State capital newspapers I’m sure would want to run these storys as a human interest story for the american public to know or be aware of how they can suck up these kids today with this type of operation. Public is public and it always will be. We even need internet change as the one being the operator is just as guilty.