Reply To: Removal of Persky will make things worse, not better



I have to admire NARSOL or any orgazination that supports change. Listening to Andy and Larry’s latest podcast about LEO’s and judges was even interesting as some chimed in with views that they didn’t have a good short message to spell out to the public on this sex offender issue thats facing the nation in more ways than one. Sure there’s others issues as well. Is it all about human behavior or change in one’s make-up or character, or I am what I am, or the Flip Wilson phrase, “the devil made me do it”. Should we all say “I am not a monster” or should we all say people make mistakes in human encounters and human errors is in every one of us. I wonder what they would call America’s Sprit of truth today or did Nathan Hale say give me liberty or give me death.

Where is moral ethics today or for that matter human ethics in a society that seem to go in one directrion and others seem to go in the other. I wonder if stoping a volcano is for public safety or a human nature. Is it a progranda idea or the battle for the races, a cultural move, or human understanding methods gone amuck. Are we still spying on our neighbors instead of loving our neighbors or are we really protecting some because we are all on a human scavenger hunt. I know some say “witch hunt” on here.

I’ve never met any of NARSOL but the idea of this orgazination is very good in these issues we all face and change leads to all change in all endavors of human behavior. I never met the cast of “Gillian’s Island” but that was a scripted cultural change but the show also tells us about ourselves as humans. Sure we all laughed at that show and sure people some had the hots for Ginger (even Ginger sways the skipper) and all the time the skipper was trying to make sense of all of this doing the best each one could on a deserted island. We all have our gripes with this women’s lib and this sex offender issue even this immigration thing but coming together is whats best to keep a nation or world alive. Actually the show show’s us something about ourselves if one really looks in the mirror.