Reply To: Sexual offense truths needed in the media



Sex offense truth needed in the media. Michael I’m a little confused today. What is truth that I slept with my 10 yr. old daughter and she told mom, and I’m not even married or that we are all immigrants or the constitution was made up by indians. So what is the real truth around a lot of this sex offender hype that one was 19 years old and had a 15 year old mistress relations that blew up and than authorites got involved. Well Michael this is everybodies lucky day on here. Here is the real reason I got mixed up in all this. To prove that one area of this sex registry is a sham.

I know you all might think thats a hill of beans or a cover up. Well why did the mexican’s cross the border with their kids, now if they had abandon the kids that would be cruel and here they come to America and what did they get. A trump letcure or a Not on my watch lecture. Now I know the president is doing everything to avoid these principals laid down in the bible . Is the president an untouchable God of today or is he doing the best he can with his own mind and guidance. is it up to the people now to forgive. Is it up to the president to pardon who he will but he also need’s to be humanistic about it and show compasion instead of if you go back to the border we will forget. So were is the saying “least we forget”.
I know I got off topic a bit but its all about principal. Now my bible says try the spirits and thats exactly what I did. Why did I say you don’t know my thoughts and you dont’ know my intent. Why did I not ask for sex when going down there and made it very clear.

When your communicating is via the internet one really doesn’t know that person on the other end so one has to listen, even the picture that one sends you is many times isn’t the real picture that goes along with the voice and how does one listen. Look up the word discernment. Now confusion can bring depression and hardships to everyone but telling the truth never does and shouldn’t.

And sorry people we don’t need bible preaching or religon in this and thats right as we are all sex offenders. So what is independence today. True justice covered up.