Reply To: The sex offender registry: a non-punitive civil regulatory scheme

Tammie Leigh Lawson

Not punishment! I have been registered for over 15 years and every year there are more and more laws passed that cause punishment not only to me but my family as were restricted as to where we can and cant go what we can and can not do. Recently I was approached by a school secretary who went to the police and Commonwealth Attorneys office to request a certificate letter be mailed to me about where I can and cannot be even tho I know what I can do these narrow minded people do t have a clue. I’m 49 years old my son is 30 years old now he was 14 when he engaged in consensual sex with a adult female not in my home either mind you nor was he in my custody. I finally reported that crime and because I didn’t report it in a timely manner and knew about it before I reported it I’m now listed as a Violent Sex Offender for life. I have custody of 4 grandkids who are is sports I’m not allowed to attend. I can’t gi to school parent teacher conferences, plays etc. Now I’m being told that I cant gi ti a Rec. Center, playground, park, and I know the code in my state for this. According to the citizens in my town I’m to sit at home and be quiet because no one wants to here from me and my children and grandchildren had been harrassed, humiliated. This is my point how is it not punishment after the fact. I went to prison dine my probation been clean and free over 15 years how is this not proven facts that I deserve a decent life? I suffer from mental anguish alot, tears flow like a river somedays especially when I feel threatened or bullied by people who butt is clean and without flaw. I just don’t understand why I’m where I am but God didn’t give me more than I could handle so I’ll do the best I can until someday I can make hedgeway for a new beginning.