Reply To: NARSOL’s chairman to give testimony against civil commitment, mandatory minimums


Independence Day is coming up soon and so its time for all of us to understand and its also time for all us to understand the document, “We are the people”or has government stepped out of place and answered the aged old question. Why?

Why does man want to solve man’s problem with man’s wisdom and understanding. Why does man want to make laws against a particular race, group, or even present injustice principals. Why do people want to castrate the sex offender to a greater degree or a lesser degree. Why does man want to overthrow man and keep one’s Government in check (note checks and balance system) Should we call it a human disease disfunction, a human behavior problem of government or man wanting to be right because man wields the power?
We the People! Are we really the people today? Do we really own our houses? Do we reallyown our cars? Do we really present true values of real justice or a cheap form of justice today, or are we Caesar’s. Sure we render to Caeser what is Ceasars. Does that mean we are all Caeser’s, or we all created equal, or do we all have different human understandings and idea’s to better the people in relationships and human understanding or in true principals.

We vote for a government and today it seems the Republican’s want to control and it seems the Democrates want to get their fair share of browine points over the Republicans’s or visa versa , if one can say that in a soft way.

Seems like the old saying was no news was good news but today it seems that news is a bit more than who skipped history class. News media want to spread a lot of this type of infromation or as some said on here propagranda. Sure thats a 60’s term but it goes way back before that.

Is due process the way to go or a plea deal of justice and send one on his or her way or would proof and reproofing be the way to go.