Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


I was thinking about life today and a thought came to my mind. That thought was patience. This month makes 6 months since they started processing the changes of Muniz. In the legal world, 6 months is the same as half the time it take to blink your eye. Yes, it is frustrating to be on a registry that you should be off of. Yes, being on the registry has its “costs”. Yet, we are all so much more than just people on a registry. Some of us are fathers, husbands, Supervisors, employees, and friends to just name a few hats we wear. My point being we cannot let PA boil our life down to waiting for the next legistrative update or court ruling. We are more than that. Yes, it is stressful what Pa what’s to do, but we cannot let their hate consume us. It will distract us from what really matters: being with the people that care about us.

My Ex Wife always felt like we couldn’t be a normal “couple” because I was on the registry. She felt as though it somehow “downgraded” her ability to socialize with her friends. I was so worried about avoiding appearances, I would avoid making connections with her friends who had kids, and that did have an impact on outback msrriage. I let the fear of what other people would think destroy my marriage. My wife and I went to an event one time and we were bickering at each other. A friend of hers walked up to her (she never met me) greeted her, and told her how excited she was to meet her husband and kind of gave me s look that said I needed to leave the area, so I did. After a few minutes of chit chat she asked my wife where her husband was. She said you just met him. My point being because I was so worried about what people would think, I didn’t spend the time I needed to with my wife to maintain our martial bond. Don’t let PA rob you of your life.