Reply To: Sexual offense truths needed in the media


I have a fear – I fear that this letter will be tossed in the trash can.
There’s a key statement you made which is completely against the agenda of the news media…

“The best solution, then, is to publish accurate information. Spectrum has the responsibility to make transparent widely held misunderstandings so that baseless fears are reduced and we have an educated public. The public deserves to be aware, but no benefit is derived from being afraid of the wrong things”

This is EXACTLY the opposite of what the media wants. They WANT the average person to be misguided and ignorant. That’s how they bait their readers and (for the TV news) that’s how they get their viewers.

The only thing to do is what others have tried to do which is go on national TV, but every time that happens, the sex offender advocates are always pitted against someone with a child molestation story (like Ron Book’s daughter). But they still miss the very important factor in that story which is that the nanny who did the molesting had NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

If a news program like John Stossel’s “Give Me A Break” which is seen nation wide hasn’t resonated in people’s heads that this fear of sex offenders is nonsense, nothing will. People would rather take scripted, acted TV shows like “Law & Order” as real life documentaries and live in the fear it purposely instills in them.

So sad.