Reply To: PA rep Tom Mehaffe stumps for 5000 foot sex offender restrictions



James I like your comment as it makes a lot of sense. Now as I have said there is good and bad in everything but I never expended on the good and bad. Sure some feel bad about getting caught up in all this mess. One person said on one article of the articles on here its “feel good laws” now which is bad the feel good laws or the getting caught up in all this?
Is it a “feel good law” to seperate families? Is it a feel “feel good law” to deceve people or is that the good about principals.
Are we as a nation calling evil good and good evil is is government using principals incorrectly. Were is any values today or morals when government dictates. We could talk about the good and bad in gay rights but we dont’ want to go there on this sex offender forum. Keeping families is the basic of Human principals or Rights. These limits and rules about how many feet from this or that area are a bit overzealous if we can use that word. I hope this nation is still about God and country or is it becoming a principal to themself or a dictatorship for true justice. People have a right to live anyhere they want or are they tresspassing against the minds of others in some of this sex offender rubish. Who is corrupting who I wonder.