Reply To: NARSOL’s chairman to give testimony against civil commitment, mandatory minimums



As myself I am glad that Paul Dubbeling and NARSOL stood and adressed the courts or write to the courts in many these venues. I’ve even gotten an e-mail or two from him sever years ago. Yes, I did make a mistake in life.. I even make mistakes on here and I made one about the President when we all vote: its the lesser of the two evils not the beter of the two evils. Now NARSOL’s change policy is good. Even there rehabilitation policy. Sure we all have to understand that abuse is abuse, whether its kids or adults.

In a courtroom setting the main thing is getting at the truth but one has to understnad principals. Even presenting bills and yes my dad, when he was alive had to listen to a lot of bills in the public utility business. I can even understand what NARSOL’s attorney can go thru when presenting his issues. Court issues are sometimes like one sided affairs but when it comes right down to it, when the judge throw’s that gavel down its over.

Thats why I like NARSOL they are fighting for a change. Sure if you can throw a few principals in the mixture and a some of the basic truth in there than good. But judging another person as to rather they are reahiblitated that takes a higher Authority. People today want to go by Data, and theories’ but they seem to overlook their own faults when one judges I’ve been to court once or twice in my life but this sex offender is a huge principal that government needs to understand that we are all human and prone to mistakes but yet they seen to write us bills and writs against Sex offenders which is man’s way of overcoming man.
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