Reply To: PA rep Tom Mehaffe stumps for 5000 foot sex offender restrictions

James Stambaugh

Mr. Mehaffe,

I love how you want to ban Sex Offenders within 1 mile of schools, daycares and etc. If you did the calculations you would be pushing 15,886 people to the hills of the mountains because of you and law you want to push. I find this colonizing sex offenders in a group and making us a target. My question is why can’t we have our own town so therefore you and your other means of people that don’t like our kind leave us alone? I think Pennsylvania would find that very concerning. I think 15,886 sex offenders should start showing up and start making our voices heard, people like you, just likes to bully us because of our crimes and that we are good for nothing on earth! Don’t Pennsylvania have laws for Bullying in which you are doing to Sex Offenders? By pushing laws on Sex Offenders leads to depression and other mental issues on those who committed the crime. I will challenge your law! If anyone wants to contact me email me at Lets take a stand to this guy. Pennsylvania does have Bullying laws for students which we can use in the Courts of the Commonwealth.
I just wished Mr. Mehaffe would have the nerve to get ahold of me so we can talk. I’m doing quite well for a sex offender and I got my life in order. Known that I was caught up in an Internet Sting that if you look into was illegal by the Attorney General and they continue to do it to date! How can you be an authority of law when you lie on an probable cause or warrant when you assume an identity of a minor which is false identification. If, we the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania give false identification to Authorities we get arrested! Why is it a two sided law? The Statue of 6318 needs to be looked at with good attorneys that will take a fight to the Courts! If everyone else can protest in this world I think we as sex offender need to start protesting for our rights!


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