Reply To: PA rep Tom Mehaffe stumps for 5000 foot sex offender restrictions


Maestro said one thing one thing on here once that got my attention when I first started on here. He said there using Old Testament. Sure after going thru 5 PO’s that couldn’t understand me because I talked a new language to them which was Christian or the Good News, they finely found the right one I could communicate with, even thou he said to me we could of stoned you. I wonder if that would of been for public safety. I guess they would of done that if I was looking at porno too. See were are not under the Old Laws and see we all learn even in our understanding, even our President. I guess at times we all are harden in our ways.

Why do you think the people were so upset about the kids being taken away and seprated from there parents. now that was an outcry. Some kids were still breastfeeding. Thats terrible for any government to do and inhumain. I’ll be off probation in 5 years but I will still have a label that will carry me around. I even know some of your men’s storys might be the same or a bit different but we are all here to help make change not for just ourselves but for others being stupid or getting wrapped up in this sex registry hijinks .

Sure I got my letter sent off to President Trump and as maestro said they just toss those letters in the trash. Some government officers are sympathic and some are not but speaking out in a positive way. One can use the Power abuse theory or the love thy neighbor theory. I wonder which is better in this day and age for this sex ordeal. Now we can all dish out the lines that they are a bunch of hypocrities or something or have hard hearts but it is what it is for right now. and NARSOL can’t do everything thats why each of you have to voice up, write letters to whoever also. Why do you think the American people were so upset about the kids locked up in this imigration thing. Is that not a form or power abuse or Governmental abouse. Public is still defined as public. A computer is only a communication device but when Government abuses than it is a bit kayotic. The detective in my encounter said to me, while I don’t know what to charge you with, but I’ll think of something and those were his famous lines. Its not all about beliefs, its about truth and principal in so many ways.