Reply To: NARSOL’s chairman to give testimony against civil commitment, mandatory minimums

Joe Snyder

Most interesting this topic, especially when Gov. Baker’s son was accused a day ago of molesting a fellow passenger on a flight (a federal offense). He was not charged though, go figure.
How can Gov. Charlie be for civil commitments and mandatory minimums when he should fear it will impact his own son?
I’ve served time with the worst of predators in Bridgewater, MA. never met Wayne though and have personally told a select few of them that they will re-offend if released, lo and behold one was and did.
Some people should never get out but that should have been addressed at sentencing by a judge not after his time is served.
Wayne Chapman is now indicted anew for crimes in prison, I mean “treatment center” which is total BS made up by the staff there to circumvent any possible release which means they feel very strongly about him.
I guess he’s where he belongs but he should have been convicted with a life sentence in the first place not after the fact.