Reply To: Sex offenders need not apply


Some places, even corporate owned restaurants like the one I now work for, will hire people with criminal records because they get a tax incentive for it.
I kinda like it, kinda don’t. I’m not fond of how money is the key to giving someone a chance rather than the person’s qualifications.
Government funding for the states is also the reason behind the registries. Have the registries and the feds will nail the state out of their financial woes. It’s a scam. It’s borderline bribery from the fed gov.

I’ve often wondered who will be left to do certain jobs that absolutely won’t hire anyone with a criminal record when people are getting criminal records every day for all sorts of things.
To not be able to get a job is proof that we live in an unforgiving society. This is another reason why I cringe when people bring up religion. How many employers go to church with their families and then deny someone a job? Spare me!