Reply To: NARSOL’s chairman to give testimony against civil commitment, mandatory minimums


“Our culture is currently in a rageful frenzy over the various crimes of sexual abuse and molestation.”

The problem here is that not all sex offenses are abuse or child molestation. This is just the crutch these people are using to push their agenda.

1) Make them explain how teens being typically curious and discovering their own sexuality are being “abusive” or “molesting” someone by taking their own nude photos.
2) Make them explain how a teen that lies about his/her age is being abused or molested when they obviously wanted to partake in sexual acts with an older person by lying to that person. I’ve seen several 15 yr olds in my lifetime who are 6’ tall for godsakes.
3) Make them explain the age difference romances that got the older person into trouble with the law only to end up marrying the “victim”. That’s not exactly a “predator”, eh?
4) Make them explain how when 2 romantic partners are within the age limit while under age it’s a-ok, but when one of them turns 18 before the other reaches their 16th birthday, the 18 yr old is committing a crime for remaining in an already developed relationship. More predation, I suppose.

These are the majority of what the sex offender registry is made up of. It’s time we tell the entire country to stop watching “Law & Order: SVU” as if it’s a documentary rather than what it REALLY is which is a scripted propaganda show for man-hating feminists.