Reply To: NARSOL’s chairman to give testimony against civil commitment, mandatory minimums

Phys Ed

I concur with Anthony’s opinion about “Treatment” for sex offenders-these people who secure contracts from the feds and state govts are those who cannot qualify for Phds in “forensic” psychology or any other kind, and leave off with Master’s degrees. Would you allow one of these social parasites to operate on YOUR brain? That’s in effect what their methods imply, turning out what they hope are their own brands of “Manchurian candidates”. These so-called treatment providers are inferior minds on a power trip with complete control and domination of a captive clientele who must parrot back to these “shamans and quacks” what is metaphorically driven into their minds like spikes along with a demand for genuflection, and mounds of cash these offenders can scarce afford.
What comes to mind from this state of affairs is a scene from an old movie from the thirties about “The Island of Dr. Moreau” wherein Charles Laughton as the doctor stands on a cliff looking down at his creations of half-men engineered from animals and repeatedly cracks a whip while declaiming “What is the law!?” And each time his creations cower at the sound of the whip and parrot back answers he has instilled into them. If they fail to answer to his satisfaction he tells them they must go back “to the house of pain”, which is PRISON for sex offenders.
Just one bad reference to the supervisor or parole officer of these captive individuals and they are immediately sent back to their individual “houses of pain.”