Reply To: NARSOL honors David Feige, Larry Neely, ACLU-Mich., others at awards banquet



@Fred,. Hi Fred I have said the same thing Michigan is just dragging their feet. What I aam having a hard time comprehending is, is Michigan lost, and even SCOTUS, basically agreed with the 6th Circut I thought that meant that meant that Michigan was now out of options and has to comply, and the 6th Circuit’s decision is pretty clear that the ruling applies to everyone that was convicted before the 2006 and 2011 Amendments. So how is it they still have options, and have lost most f those as well. So has Michigan’s ACLU fioed the lawsuit yet. Last I heard it was supposed to of been filed months ago, but yet it still has not been filed. Does this also mean that it will take years before it is finally settled. I think we here in Michigan should be compensated for our pan and suffering for the last 26 years. U was convicted in 1992 before Me chigan even had their registry, and since they now go by. Your conviction date, that means I have been unconstitutionally on this stupid registry. On 6-19-2018 means I have now mean on the registry for 26 years now. Anyway, will this lawsuit mean it will be another few years before it is finally over for us here in Michigan. Thanks for your time.