Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


I know that my employer will not be happy with this bill. What we could do is this. Contact your local Rep.
Ask them not to support the bill, If they do let them know you and any other family members will not be voting for them in Nov. In my town, there are over 350 of us SOs on the list and unknown how many are in stasis, off the website but still under review. (like Me) That is a lot of votes!! Most candidates for local state office don’t win by that large of a margin. One time the “List” could be of use. Here is where I heard of it. Not in the local media.

There is also a possibility that since the change if approved will take effect in 60 days after signing that there will be an injunction to stop implementation until the courts can look at it, just like other things like an abortion bill that gets passed etc.