Reply To: Victims’ advocate wants unlimited Facebook access — does that apply to all?



This is why I miss MySpace. MySpace did not need the sacrifice of your first born (sarcasm) to make a profile. Facebook wants EVERYTHING!

I’ve read articles about FB deleting profiles of people who use artistic names. Those people fought back but had to make whole new profiles since FB deleted their entire history. FB needs to be put in their place. I don’t care to keep hearing about them being a “private entity” that can do what they want. They don’t screen people for terrorist crimes or drug dealing via the Internet so why pick on us? Because parents cannot be parents? Tough sh*t! People need to be more mindful of who their kids are talking to.

So basically you have have any other type of criminal record as long as it’s not a sex offense.
I wonder – if Facebook were sued over this and got ordered to delete ANYONE with any type of criminal record, how much would FB’s user base drop? It would be nice to see it happen. Let everyone feel what it’s like to be ousted.