Reply To: Victims’ advocate wants unlimited Facebook access — does that apply to all?


Ah the facebook scenairo. Sandy you and maestro are going to get me in trouble. I got violated myself by being on facebook and believe it or not I wasn’t actually on facebook to evemn sign in to it. Sounds strange doesn’t it

Brenda Jones had given me a contact to my Virginia NARSOL rep J.P Welch and he has got my story of this account in certain details to the event he even gave me some lawyers to check out if I needed one.
Actually what had happen is during 2016 I wanted to do a little bit of telephone campaiging for Donald Trump. I was still in my depressed or oppressed mode a bit and thought this campaign for Trump was a good thing to do.

I know one can call Donald Trump the best of the two evils but thats besides the point actually he’s a good man. At times one has to leave things up to truth when one campaign’s for someone. Believe it or not I had a good feeling that he would win.

Things didn’t go to well as when the office say everybody had to sign up to do the telephone campaiging via facebook that cut things short. I went to the link to sign up or to see what it was all about but I really didn’t sign up. I had a lie detector test at the time and I mentioned that on the test that I was on facebook. That sort of made my PO upset. He even said I don’t care if you signed up or not you were on the page. My sister and I got into it that night and she wasn’t for Trump and after a little arguing I said, I bet you by the end of this campaign Trumps going to win.

I went to court on this they didn’t really know what to do, I even had to speak up thru my court appointed lawyer. I tried everything I could do to talk to my PO to keep him from sending me back to court and he even said it will give you a chance to tell your whole story of why you got involved with this sex registry thing. They say timing is everything and I even told the public attorney they gave me and he said that wasn’t a good time to bring your whole ordeal up and I sort of agreed with the attorney that that wasn’t the right time as we were talking about a presidential election.

As far as facebook goes I have no negives or positives about it if one watches themself to keep in check . Now Sandy at your discression you can post this as this is a true detail and the truth doesn’t hurt as I have nothing to be ashamed of about the president as we all do the best we can in life.