Reply To: Victims’ advocate wants unlimited Facebook access — does that apply to all?

Kirk Kubik

Facebook is very addictive. Period. I agree with this posting but I am better off not on Facebook as it gives me time to enhance my God given talents, and to have actual relationships with those around me. A representatives Facebook account is monitored by a flunky and may not ever be seen by your representative. Personal interactions with my representatives are the only way I can be sure they have heard from me. Not just a secretary sending out a reply with a signature ( called appeasement) . Our time is much better spent loving these people who would hold us back, and not in making people like Mr Zuckerberg richer. Which makes none of us richer, only poorer for having been addicted to his frivolous site. I spent plenty of time before I was outed looking and posting on Facebook up until 2010, then I freaked out for 2 weeks when I got kicked. Finally realizing I had been addicted I was able to put my effort into more positive endeavors. I miss it not. Although at first I missed a few family functions because well “ I posted it on Facebook “ and people finally realized they need to communicate with those of us not on Facebook. Don’t wish for something that may only look better from your side of the fence it isn’t any greener over there. It just looks greener at the moment. ENVY = Green. Let us spend our energy and our talents on something that matters- Our cause to be free from …. all those things we despise. In other words LIBERTY. True Liberty. What I have done is wrong and I have grown into a person who can be trusted. Who is lovable. Who deserves those things we all strive for. I am. Just like you. No better. No worse . A sinner. Passionately LOVED by God. This world is only temporary. What these fools hold against us will be held against them FOREVER. It surely would be nice to be recognized by all as an overcomer. Someone who has put in the work needed to actually change who they were. I will not fret if it doesn’t happen I am in control not those others. They have no control over me. As they have only the control over you that you allow. Become something MORE. Much More. You can do it. Let us quit our whining about how unfair life is, and start being truly thankful for what we have. Praise God.