Reply To: NARSOL honors David Feige, Larry Neely, ACLU-Mich., others at awards banquet


Have a question that has been eating me up for over 25 years. I was convicted of a crime with nothing more then pure hear say in 1993 of a crime that didnt even have a day in 1992. it was said, sometime between march and july of 1992 (So they say) To make a long story short… Well when the smoke cleared it was all said and done so i thought , The good old state of Michigan convicted me of one count . They gave me 1 year to 3/1/2 years . I was 20 years old . well little did i know it would turn into a life sentence . I was sent to jail aug 22 1993 . i did the full three years. I never appealed my case because i was told by a public lawyer one month before my release date. that i was headed home and if i appealed and lost and it was very likely because MICHIGAN LAW MAKERS HAVE AMENDED THESE LAWS TO CONVICT WITH OUT ANY EVIDENCE WHAT SO EVER. So it would open up my sentencing Gide lines and could allow them too give me up to max amount if the pleased. Well i was so tiered and wanted nothing more then to be home with my family. I was so scared to have to do anymore days for something that never even happend. Well i was out for a few years got a drunk driving and was put on the sex offender list for 25 years then like 4 years ago i receive a letter saying for life now. My question is i was sentenced to 1 to 3 1/2 years in 1993 for a crime they say took place in 1992 sometime. if a judge gave me 1 to 3/12 before a sex offender list was ever even around . how can a politicians amendment cause me my whole life ? This is so post facto its like double jeopardy being sentenced to life with out a trial or a judge or jury ??? Isnt that unconstitutional ? Please let me know if there is grounds to fight these jokers. Its always been a battle that i believed no one understands but i see its not just me its so WRONG. I hope Michigan Courts stand up for the rights of all the people who live this nightmare .