Reply To: Victims’ advocate wants unlimited Facebook access — does that apply to all?


I am not entirely sure, specifically, just why SORA victims (defining “victim” as us who are unconstitutionally on any SORA list) (see, e.g. the 6th cir. Ct. of appeals ruling) are unable to use social media. Many so-called “offenders’ ” convictions had nothing to do with social media, and we registrants use various social media sites responsibly. These social media sites allow us to not only have a discourse about legal issues, and with elected officials and those running for elected positions, and keep apprised of their platforms, but also local news outlets, the businesses we frequent, and of course families and friends in ways we cannot otherwise do. Social media allows us the protected constitutional right of free speech in all forms. The unconstitutional act of barring us to use these forums stifles us, gags us and tries to keep us ignorant, and tries to keep our voices from being heard. This effectively keeps hundreds of thousands of us from participating in the political processes and many other parts of American life every day.

I am severely and permanently disabled, a full-time user of wheelchairs, and am unable to go out to visit others. Social media is my only avenue to visit, correspond and have video calling to keep connected, and to help keep me mentally healthy.

When will true Justice come?