Reply To: International Travel

a man without a country


Fifteen years ago, I moved overseas and was told that I would no longer have to register in the state back there where my nightmare began. I have traveled back to the US a few times and only the last couple of years have I had headaches when I return State-side.

Now, as you see from my post just above, I am worried about not being able to get a new extended visa to stay here with a family I have had here SINCE the end of my probation and my moving here fifteen years ago.

I have no idea where to go to now (someone suggests Schengen countries in Europe or former eastern bloc). I AM sole support of my wife and child here; if I have to go live elsewhere, we all will have to live on LESS than we do now, which ain’t much…

Look at Registrant TAG’s website.
Good luck and keep us posted about events.