Reply To: Deadly collateral consequences of the “non-punitive” sex offender registry


Actually Michael has brought up a pretty good topic if one uses some insight. Even when I was in school and listening to my history teacher about the indians they tried to make it seem that the indians had to go on reservations because they were “heatherns”. Of course the teacher didn’t tell the real story only just expansion for this new world. I guess they were somewhat collerteal damage’

I wonder who deceived the Native American Indians? Now I wouldn’t have brought that up unless the old lady I go see in the nursing home was part cherokee and I got to thinking about how it just didnt’ sound right in American to take their land and part of their thoughts and well being.

Their excuse “they were heathens” expasion of America and they can’t adjust to playing with matches so I guess they still had to rub two sticks together. How clever thos early American’s. Today they use the excuse of public safety in this sex offender ordeal. Even the American and indian war was a bit off color. Sort showd you how greedy American’s were or opens eyes more. Is a lot of this sex registry “off color” or should the United States be inidated to watching F-troop the rest of there life to learn that people are people. Thanks Will.