Reply To: From Independence to Houston; NARSOL announces next conference



Wow someone sung that song to pieces. Is this not the home of the free and the brave. Me and my big mouth. Solving things and compairing notes is good and sure I would love to get to a conference at some time. The NARSOL conference is very interesting because its about humans. Its not all about behavior or proper etiquette that each human should posses. its about Human Rights and how some can abuse people or overempowerment.
Sure everyone has their views on all this type of situation the same as the detainment of the children that was quickly patched up for a time to make the outcriy of the public happy. How Government swing it I dont’ even want to know. Any organization that fights for the recongizion that others are being taken advantage of has my approval and I’m sure you all would agree. Reconition is good and yes one can be praised for his or her loyality to the cause of helping fight this or that battle. At times we can over prase also and all make wrong errors in things such as this immigration thing happening in Texas and when human’ authority is wrong they seem to want to cover up things. Part of American history. I enjoy NARSOL myself and am glad they are here to help in this battle. Bottom line its all about principals and human

understanding. Sure we are all created equal but are we all still free or do good business practrices solve human errors for kings and queens. I would comment pride goeth before the fall but a lot of this registry is not necessary and change needs to be made. If we don’t stand up than who will stand up for us or is that a bit bit abusive today in this 100 percent zero tolarence era. Trusting is better than trying and I trust NARSOL will make the best endeavor.