Reply To: NARSOL honors David Feige, Larry Neely, ACLU-Mich., others at awards banquet


While there is good and bad in everything one of our presidents was quoted with saying speak softly and carry a big stick, I believe they had a big stick diplomacy also. Today that meaning is lost at times with a lot of this going on in America and also with leaders. Even this 100% zero tolerance is a bit un-American. Someone on here said praise, sure respect goes a long ways and so does recognization. I can’t even praise myself and actually I don’t even believe some in leadership can even praise themself as people have a natural habit of wanting to be right for their praise. So lets toss the bible away, we can solve our own problems.

Now NARSOL is doing a good job and one has to show respect to this orginazation and also the issues they are fighting for which is change. I think pink floyd said it best in his days.. all we all is just another “brick in the wall” Has our leadership and morals gone down the drain with greed, this sex industry, many of these computer sexting issues. Would everybody say its politically motivated or were we all born with a carnal nature.

Sure recongizion is good but as time goes by it sends to lose its savor if sways from purpose. Sure this computer age stuff is man made and this sexual asualt is like a he said she said or blackmail issue so where is truth.

Now Robin and his commettie are doing their best to bring “change” in this issue we all face today. Those men and women that dedicate their time in helping others is a Godsend if we can still use that in today’s world or are we all working on our own vain glory like some of the leaders of the country today. Sure we all should give honor to NARSOL for their striving efforts for a dynamic outlook in the way some of this sex treatment is being used and abused on the American public.