Reply To: NARSOL’S PA advocate: We’ve created list of people considered monsters


Actually a lot of you all are right. I wonder who said the phrase I’m not a monster. Now I’m sure a lot of us get the quarterly letter in the mail for fingerprints and siginiture to send back ifor registry update. I wonder what’s violent todayor who’s violent today. I wonder what’s graphic today and I wonder how one determine’s violent. I guess that would be determined by the victim if there was a real victim or if he or she was mutilated or manilipulating in some way such as people conning people in everyday life, business, or anything out that is the civil world. Something we all should have learned in the 70’s is the term “propaganda” which can be used for political mind controling but is it of a faithful value in a lot of situations today

. I just wonder who’s above authority today or who is still in authority, principals , and true value for all human beings for equal rights. I’m sort of wondering if the bill of rights or the constitution still mean anything today with whats going on.

When one is manipulating the conscience its a bad scene all together. Even when others manipulate in a psychological or an emotional way that is just as bad also. Should we call this border situation in Texas a controlling or manipulating endeavor to seperate kids from parents or government going a bit too far? I wonder why we imigrated from england if thats the beef.

How does that relate or tie in to our situation. Like the president said 100% zero tolerance. Remember Government in control of everything or are principals left for immigrant’s. If its public safety that kids be seperated from the parents, than its all worth it just like the vietnam war right. if it helps save lives its worth those men killing others. Remember 100% zero tolerance while I am on my watch as someone said. I am afraid a no tolerance factor is bit about man’s design and is not a compasion or merciful route to go. Sure I believe in law and order just like everybody but all men in government have wanted to weasle out or cover up mistakes. Does the term undercover operation sound a bit fishy now and being brought more to light with this episode.

I can’t believe that we are that perfect as a world. So were does that leave the monster or the taming of the shrew? and I’m sure you all know where I’m coming from on that one.