Reply To: Deadly collateral consequences of the “non-punitive” sex offender registry


Well thank you michael for being honest and I do believe the world needs to understand but I never believed in darinism. One can summize all this by the way they treated the indian’when the colonists came to America and now they are kepping children from parents seperation by the Chiefs orders, they can call it detaining or whatever just like they can call the sex registry thing we are doing this for public safety.

So who’s invading ones’ mind bendings with a repulsive opportunity. Who is working their whorish ways or should we all need better understanding. I know the topic was broght up about gay’s. Well that’s one’s personal choice but when government allows it who is going above principals. I guess America doesn’t have principals well maybe Abe Lincoln did. At least he freeed the slaves. All this is just my opinion to this article remember.