Reply To: Deadly collateral consequences of the “non-punitive” sex offender registry



As long as we act weak and meek, people will attack us. Cary the attitude of pride and self respect, and most people will see you as someone who wont be pushed over. If you can, congregate with each other RSO’s then you’ll find strength in numbers. Your families and friends can find comradery with others in the same situation. Our children can play and be friends with each other.
There really is no need to be defined or controlled by members of society that hold malice toward you. And, even though some of these stories hold exceptions, (like home invasions) personal violence that can’t be intervened before it becomes overly damaging is rare. If you live in a neighborhood as a RSO, then the chances are that there are more close by. If your kids go to school then the chances are that there are more of the same children in school. It’s time to click up and stick together, no matter what.