Reply To: Can there be life after civil commitment?



The key to all or a lot of this sex registry is civil commentment of the worst kind. A lot of this has to do with govermental abuse such as labeling, natural abuse such as the taking away kids from parents which is creating a storm. Not letting people into a free country as they might think they are here to corrept society. refusing right, conspiricy of some of these sex offender ordeals. I could go on and on and I’m sure some of you could also.

Rome fell which was the greatest empire in the world because of corruption, polical power, and being overzealous in their beliefs. Sure we all look at this sex offender from the outside but we don’t look at it from the inside. Thats like looking at the outward man and giving him or her no chances. Just labeling them in society and have they cary a sign that said I will work for food. Where is any compassion or love thy neighbor in any of this. Crime is still gome to be crime or should we all say, I’m ashamed because I was naked. America needs to get back to principal to make anything great and stop abusing others for government self-esteem and pride.

Now I have to agree with Sandy and a lot of you guys on this.