Reply To: Can there be life after civil commitment?


I want to know if he really did expose himself to a nurse in the mental hospital recently, when he was nearing his release date.

The fact that no other incidents of exhibitionism were noted on his record over the last 40 years in prison and in the mental hospital doesn’t prove that such incidents hadn’t happened. They are unlikely to be reported when the offender is a “lifer.” What are the authorities going to do… put him in prison? He’s already there! Declare him mentally unfit? He was already so declared!

It’s only when a man is about to be released into society when the staff at a prison or mental hospital have any real reason to care about relatively minor offenses like flashing his genitals at the institution staff. No big deal when done in there. It’s a huge deal if he were to do that on the outside, at the county library or at his own front yard when the school bus passes by.

So, I want this alleged new incident of sexual deviancy investigated. If he did that, keep him in. He’s not fit to release. If it’s a false accusation, then declare him innocent of that, affirm the prior finding that he’s sufficiently rehabilitated, and send him out into society.