Reply To: What is anti-registry activism?



I’ve read all comments and my heart goes out to each and everyone one of u Men. Im not in the position u are in… But im a mother of a 19 year old who was just found guilty and is facing registration. Im not protecting my son he made a poor choice and if he needs to face consequences let it be…But a punishment that takes away every human right to live life is sick to my stomach…i agree that there should be certain requirements met but for the law to have control over lives is unbelievable. What is more frustrating are this teen Boys being convicted by making poor choices but what about this young ladies making poor choices..This ladies get to walk away while these boys get jail time prison time and registration. The “victim” in my sons case has put 2 boys in jail…how is this even acceptable with no consequences. If u can give any suggestions or advice please.. It would be much appreciated.