Reply To: Can there be life after civil commitment?


Mike W

Hi what i want to know is they say Pc.290 is not a punishment but what does pc of pc290 mean? Pc stands for penal code 290, penal is short for penalizing code which stands for punishing code in there own writing says it is a punishment and if u put someone on a registry means you believe they will do it again, then why let people out if there going to commit the same crime thats insanity and what happened with the whole process, you go to jail or prison for crime you committed you do your time because that said time is supposed to be rehabilitation if you are rehabilitated then why the registry if you are rehabilitated, there is a person (true story) who murdered both his parents did 32 years in prison n once off parole there’s no registry for him, that makes no common sense, first you get arrested go to jail or prison do your time plus either parole or probation and all crimes except S.O. are done n free but not S.O.’s what happened to equal rights n law is equal to all (except S.O.) what?