Reply To: Can there be life after civil commitment?


When you stop and think for a moment that this man was convicted for only 2 offenses because that’s what he got caught for and then after the fact he admits to having raped countless others that he got away with, take a moment and imagine how (before he got caught, charged and convicted) no one knew any better about him as he freely lived his life, probably liked by his neighbors, colleagues and the local bagel shop employees (just threw that in there) while harboring this deep dark secret all along right under everyone’s noses.

Now, imagine how many other FREE people with no criminal record are out there doing these types of crimes right under everyone’s noses and perhaps some of these people are the ones pretending they are goodie-two-shoes by protesting this man’s release and sending those death threats.
So many men (yes, men) who are of the macho man mindset of “You better not touch MY daughter” are the ones touching someone else’s daughter, or even their own.

Food for thought.