Reply To: Can there be life after civil commitment?

a man without a country

Re: words signifying nothing… I’ve not been able to read Sandy’s new post yet because I am livid, literally pulling my hair out after reading something from an online newspaper of the state where I became a member of our exclusive club…

The state’s deputy attorney general just recently said this at a gathering of attorneys in the state…
“Think about these things happening to a child when they’re young, say 5 years old. The images of that are put on the internet. When they’re 35 or 40, they’re not a survivor of the abuse. It’s still going on,” he said.
He cited victim impact statements where victims recounted how they were grocery shopping years later and “someone is looking at them weird and they have to wonder if that person has seen their child abuse photos or videos and recognizes them. Think about having to live with that for the rest of your life.”

I sent an anonymous message to the AG’s office on this one. First of all, I don’t think the internet is 30 or 40 years old yet. Second, someone who had a pic taken of them when they were five is going to have a visceral feeling when someone sees that picture DECADES LATER? Third, this ‘eternal victimhood’ reminds me of Sandy’s other recent, outstanding article. And fourth, he’s saying that someone who has AGED three or four decades can be recognizable by a complete stranger who has only seen a picture of ‘me’ as a five-year-old? B-effing-S!

Please contact me NARSOL. I will let you know who this poor excuse for an ‘educated’ person is so you can send him some materials!!!