Reply To: Court gives MN registrant settlement in residency restrictions suit



Big Win here but we can’t count out the Local Ordinances brought on by Local School Boards and Municipalities whos local laws are Voted on based on untruths and vigilantism. Here in Florida there is a case that Residents of a Local Community wanted to make sure there were no Sex Offenders so they with their own funding and the City’s help built a Children’s Playground so therefore no Sex Offender could live within the 1000 foot Ordinance Law of a Community Park. Talk about unconstitutional? Civil Rights Attorneys need to look closer at Florida as we are becoming the nuance “Salem’s Lot”. The Mayor of Daytona Beach Florida once screamed on TV; “I don’t care where they live as long as its not my City!

From where I’m from in a small Central California beach town, there was a ordinance that allowed the Police to pick up the homeless and take them to the County Line and make sure they don’t come back.

This is vigilante Justice in a modern day era. I understand about the Schools to a point, but each case must be examined individually. The whole and entire idea of a Sex Offender lurking around a park waiting to prey on your kids is a huge falsehood. The damage of the Megan’s Law solution is done. Its created a mindset that is now inbred and can’t be easy changed.