Reply To: From Independence to Houston; NARSOL announces next conference


I really like the cake celebrating 10 yrs. and sure their will be pro’s and con’s about who baked the cake or who’s expense but I’m very sure a good baker can always volenteer for a good cause. Of course when I make up and design my magnets whether its my winery show’s I do or my Good New’s magnets I either have a passage or for the winery’s also such as ” Wine take’s the bitch out of me which a lot of women like and several other cute sayings. And yes my PO lets me go to my winery festivals. Even the colorful labels on the bottle people like to pick up as they are traveling. Another one is Wine a lot you’ll feel better.

A good slogan would do on the bottom of that Celebrating such sas I did it my way.. nah thats too bing Crosby. How about helpng americans seek change or let freedom ring nah.. to liberty bell. Ok what about Helping advocating for change, or for true Justice. Anyway its just an idea for Houston or should we just say saddle up. lol