Reply To: 1st day of NARSOL conference, Friday night banquet great



I would say Bill Clinton learned a cheap lesson and I would say some on here learned a deceiving Cheap lesson. Sure I can agree with you on religion policy Sandy as there are thousands of religions. I don’t believe I ever disagreed with you on that one Now I made a comment about a sinner on another article on here I thought the earth was going to shake. Now does the truth really hurt. I’m sure nobody likes to be called that point blank. I’m sure women get a bit offensive if one calls them something bad. We can all talk about Donald Trump or try to understand him but he’s just human like everybody else. Course I don’t agree with some of his statements at times. What’s that thing he said in the Hollywood mag or something about when you have money you can do this or that.

Yes we all should forgive don’t’ we. and now he’s president. As a matter of fact I have a picture of Donald and Pence at my house. Now the issue we are all involved in here is very sensitive to some. Its very upsetting, it presents confusion, creates stigma’s if one lets it, or one can go on with their life. Sure at times I think this curfew is a bit overrated and some of these other things such as 24 hrs. to report or 3 days or what ever. One of the magnets I sent you all says on it ERASE THE HATE, sure we all store up hatred for groups that use their religion or Human Rights to go above authority. Actually none of you all are bad people here as that would be judging but to each their own. Even Jesus ate with sinners I hope I can still say that without the earth shaking or someone getting irate on here or out of line.

Talk about being equal. You know every snow flake that falls is different in some ways. Logical answers need logical solutions. Religion is not gone to cut anything because every has their own bible. Even Maxwell Smart had his organization he we fighting it was called KAYOS, good name for this sex offender ordeal. They even have the bible cookbook today and I’m sure they even have a bible according to KARL MARKS, Lots of organizations have there own manifesto’s so bottom line Sandy its all about principal if one wants to understand this at sex registry at all. Sure we could all talk about hormones raising or something like but we don’t’ need to go there or even some evidence, or even blackmail situation but they have the tapes in a lot of this fact based situation but real truth is what matters. One can tell you a dozen facts but true is better than politics or is truth stranger than fiction We all need to consider all that in this fight for change.