Reply To: Court gives MN registrant settlement in residency restrictions suit


Tim Lawver

Law made by local government are forbidden under our constitutional outline. The document specifies that only two shall be: State & ,Fed.

The fact we have deviated so far from that limit with community po!icing implicates, directly how out of control the scope and range of government is.
It also aptly points to our national debt’s size. Law and order are fine ideals but only if you can afford them AND get the people to believe it works.

It is not worth celebrating when law it demands the following equation:

Human need is outweighed by machine need.

No human government will logically survive. That our traditionally poor government has decided in their USE of database(s) is necessary and fruitful, supported by SCOTUS, IS already fact. There is no going back! Prominently, Mr Schumer recently made the announcement that the FEDS FBI FELON DATABASE is open to those willing to utilize them privately, or for business. Face recognition is HERE!

Behold the people get what they paid for knowingly or not.
Let us hope individual liberty survives their collusion!