Reply To: From Independence to Houston; NARSOL announces next conference



I hope that none of the money I have donated to NARSOL went towards the purchase of a cake that says, “Celebrating 10 yrs of Conferencing”. I would think that the tenor of the conference would not be “celebrating”, but rather be one of things like planning strategies, implementing tactics, etc., to end this nightmarish SO registry. Many people that are affected by the SO registry (including myself) often see it as being similar to nazi actions that must be ended. I bet General Eisenhower and the other military leaders did not have any cakes that said, “Celebrating 4 yrs of War” at their meetings as they planned how to win the war.
I ask NARSOL this… if (and when) the SO registry is abolished, will you be GRIEVING the fact that there is no longer any need for a conference? Will you have a cake that says, “Grieving no more Conferences”? Probably not. Therefore, please don’t be “Celebrating” the need to have a conference now. Keep working toward the day when the celebrating is truly due. Perhaps the proper cake decoration at your conference last week should have read, “Pissed off that we have to keep having conferences after 10 yrs”.