Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


He Confused everyone by mentioned he drafted a bill and 1953 in the same document. That was what he was trying to do. He wanted people to think that HB 1952 was the bill he was referring to. This has the desired effect of scaring sex offenders and making people think their sex offender neighbor has to move.
Really guys, we are giving this bill the respect it does not deserve by talking about it. I am confident that either A it won’t pass, or B if it passes it will quickly be defeated in the Courts. Trust, the Pa General Assemvly has NEVER been a friend of the sex offender. There is a reason why they haven’t been able to pass residency restrictions yet. They know if they do, the registry will be considered punishment which would put it one step closer to being destroyed.
Don’t worry be happy guys. Don’t let these guys steal your life away by scaring the hell out of you. Do you think the few employees that do hire sex offenders are going to like the Government telling them they have to let them go simply of where they are located?? No, of course not.
It will all work out. They are just frustrated that people are actually getting off the registry. That was never their plan.
Remember anything they do now can be challenged on Ex Post Facto ground for those of us already on the registry.

Now, Let’s all listen you, “Don’t Worry Be Happy” to soothe our stress levels. It will all work out