Reply To: 1st day of NARSOL conference, Friday night banquet great


Sandy I did like the comment of what lovewillpravial said and yes we all have good and some rank comments on here and we all do need to stop a lot of these angry postings and battlings that some, not just me, say on here. There’s an old saying you can’t fight city hall. Change is good if one has the right methods of changing them for the betterment of the People. Pray that this whole ordeal is over but crime is never gone to be over. Yes laws will change given the right methods but with this government its going to be a hard cookie to crack. We should all be positive that most of this sex offender stuff will all be changed or over soon.

Now if someone offends me. and nobody has on hereI can either ignore it and say they have the right to say what they want if its in good taste. Sure some of the comments might be a bit out of place but the main thing is coming together and reasoning this out Sure we all want to be right as that is human instinct. I don’t think one could get along with a know it all peabody type and my sister is a good example but I’m not running for any election. the whole point in this sex offender thing is for public safety so they trap one thru the internet or someone complains or boy and girl friend disputes

Add a little greed a bit of power and some undercover agent logic and you have a government loaded with power and cash to dominate and make any laws they want sort of like usurping authority over authority for the common good. Remember we all do have unalienable rights but I believe that was taken away with the plea deal’s or plea bargains. How clever are those in power and poor Robin on here says I can’t even go to church. Should we all be ashamed of government or what we the people have made society. Sometimes I wonder who we vote for the underdog or the overdog.