Reply To: How many kids are on the sex offender registry?


Hello Michael while I enjoy some of your writings to strive to make others aware of this sometimes we all should be born with the label attached to our birth certificate SEX OFFENDER, what do you think. After aren’t we all born in sin. Now are they not playing master of one’s fate?

Sure we can all screw up, as they say kids will be kids. A bit of punishment or correction is good but I wonder who is the “wild bunch” of society as a hole. The middle aged man that screws up or the one that gives the authority to say did we tell you once not to screw up and you don’t get a second chance with me.

That is being a bit over authority with some of this. Sure sex isn’t good until marriage but when someone run’s amuck because of not sparing the rod. Oh I forget we cannot spare the rod as that’s law not to whip your children and if caught its the parents that get in trouble also.

So were does this sex dilemma end. Change or understanding that we are all born sinners? Now civil Rights are good but Civil Rights can go a bit too far wouldn’t you think in a situation of a child caught up on the sex registry for even being curious.