Reply To: From Independence to Houston; NARSOL announces next conference

Tim Poxson

It was a great conference!! As for changes, they will be at the State Level not the Federal level. If you did away with the Adam Walsh Act the states would still have their own systems in place. Change will happen when each person that has a voice uses their voice in a positive manner at the State level. Those affected by these darcaron laws need to speak up for change. Change will come in small bits at the apple not by trying to eat the apple in one setting. It will take work, and the right plaintiffs if lawsuits are filed. And most of all it will take time. But we can now see the tide is changing in the courts and even at the federal level given the
Doe-V-Snyder case ruling. No one would have thought that a federal circuit court would rule that the AWA would be ruled ex post facto punishment as applied in Michigan. As a group we are just at the start of the process. If for some reason you can not speak out then I suggest you give money when you can to NARSOL legal fund, or become a member of your State ACLU and start putting pressure on them to take this fight up. But most of all do not give up as this fight can be won. We may not win each case but the long run this can be won with staying in there and working together when we can.