Reply To: How many kids are on the sex offender registry?

obvious answers

said it before and I will say it again.Our founding fathers repeated it over and over…It was the spine of the need for the second amendment.
Any government that no longer represents the citizens of the country they claim to be representin is not a fit government and is in dire need of replacement.. Using the second amendment if needed (which is why it was given) ..

It would be safe to suggest any government that is as abusing to its own children as the American government is simply fits the bill ..
It would be safe to suggest any government that sets any of its citizens up for assault and as a target for abuse to other governments and or agencies, and vigilantes also fits the bill..
It would also be safe to suggest any government that was completely too incompetent to even comprehend the constitution and to follow the constitution of the land it was sworn to uphold and protect again fits the bill..

The list goes on.. I read somewhere everyone is happy NARSOL is celebrating a ten year birthday anniversary..How many more birthdays would you like to be celebrating as victims of the American government?

I am not offering answers. I am just curious… It is the silliest thing on earth to expect the courts will stop the next 1000000000000 birthdays of the registry.. and it is even more silly to expect the registry to just stop “because the government” suddenly gets a crisis of conscience and decides to follow the law..the Clintons will be in prison before that happens.. (and they won’t be paying for their crimes any faster then dinero will)